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Account settings

Change organization name

You can access to your organization name located in Account > organization menu (see the image below)

organization name

Click on the Edit button > change the organization name and click on Done

Defining a unique name for your organization will be helpful when you invite new team members as they will need to accept the invitation and switch their organization. See the image below

switch organization

Invite new members to organization

In order to invite new members to your organization you need to add their valid email address in the Account > Team menu (see the image below)

invite new member

Type or paste (recommended) email address and click on Invite member button. The invitee receives an invitation to signup. As each email address has its unique orgazniation in Contester, the new team members will need to accept the invitation and switch their organization to your. See the image below

organization name

Add and change Payment method

(this needs to be completed later) To manage your subscription and add payment methods you can find the relevant menu located in Account > Manage subscription menu (see the image below)

manage subscription

Increase your organization limits

The standard business account is optimized to have a plausible price for small businesses and special use cases. If you need to increase the limits you can always contact us via [email protected]

What limits can be increased

  • Team invitation
  • Influencer infrastructure activation
  • Number of published video experiences
  • Number of Brands
  • Number of verified Domains